why buy used networking equipment?

When considering an upgrade or adding a device, should you consider buying used?  Yes, you should! 

  • Why, you ask?

    Buying used equipment can save you an enormous amount of money over new equipment is the first and probably the most important advantage that comes to mind. 

  • Is that savings worth the risk of buying used?

    If you are buying your used equipment from a reputable dealer with on staff technicians that thoroughly test, refurbish, and stand behind the equipment there is no risk. They will take care of any issue that may arise.

  • What about support from the manufacture such as smartnet?

    Glad you asked! We can in most cases provide you with a manufactures maintenance contract but the most cost-effective option may be purchasing some spare equipment so if anything should fail you can swap the hardware and be back up in no time! Your sales representative will be happy to discuss options and appropriate spares to have on hand!       

  • How reliable is used gear?

    If you purchase used equipment from Computer Connection it has been thoroughly tested in house every port, every speed!  Most new equipment is only spot tested coming off the manufacturing line. You can rest assured that if an issue does come up we will quickly make it right and make sure you are pleased with your purchase.