BIG-IP 2000 Redundant Crypto

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Manufacturer: F5 Networks

Part number: F5-BIG-2000-RC

Series: BIGIP

Product Overview

The BIG-IP Application Switch is a flexible and fast IP-centric Internet Traffic Management (ITM) device capable of securing Internet traffic. It combines the speed and performance of hardware with the intelligence and flexibility of software – making it the ideal product to support the IP foundation of the Internet infrastructure, as well as the web services and applications beings deployed on top of the IP framework. The product can apply advanced business rules to ensure QoS, is flexible enough to support nearly any type of IP traffic, has port density for scalability and economy, and can secure all traffic. The benefit is a highly scalable and adaptive solution that can evolve with the demands placed on enterprise and server provider networks, resulting in considerable time and cost savings while enabling new revenue opportunities for service providers. The BIG-IP 2000 is a cost-effective solution, offering the processing power and TPS (transactions per second) capacity to eas…