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Founded in 1984 by Stanford computer scientists, Cisco is a leader in technology. They are known for manufacturing  and selling networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. They’re a pioneer in networking solutions creating ways for geographically separate computers and devices to connect. They are best known for their top of the line solutions in the areas of modems, switches, routers, VOIP phone systems, and data centers.

Buy Used Cisco Equipment

Computer Connection is a premier provider who makes it easy and affordable to buy used Cisco hardware and equipment. Our comprehensive catalog includes solutions for the needs of small organizations as well as the more complex needs or larger enterprise multisite installations. We are proud that our refurbished Cisco equipment and refurbished Cisco hardware make it cost effective to obtain the top line performance of their products within your businesses budget resources.

Safe to Buy Refurbished Cisco Equipment

When you buy used Cisco equipment or hardware from Computer Connection, you can rest assured that each item will receive an extensive product inspection, reconditioning, and testing review from our experienced team who ensure all items work like new. You will also receive top of the line support from our dedicated technicians who are on hand to help with your refurbished Cisco equipment.

Used & Refurbished Networking Hardware From Cisco