Getting to Know the Cisco MDS 9148

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Getting to Know the Cisco MDS 9148


Computer network infrastructure has become a higher priority for many midsize companies. Trusted brands like Cisco have developed new technology solutions that meet the needs of these and other growing organizations. In many ways this element is ideal for companies looking to improve their computer network.


What Distinguishes the 9148

MDS 9148

MDS 9148


The MDS 9148 is an entry level switch that can boost network operation and support overall performance demands. For instance:


  • This model is a 16Gbps multilayer fabric switch that helpfully contains an on-demand port expansion plan
  • In the smallest available configuration, your 9148 includes 12 ports; this can be expanded up to 48 ports
  • Ideal for use as a top of rack switch
  • Includes automated power provisioning, non-disruptive software upgrades, and a quick configuration wizard
  • Features the ability to port channel links between switches
  • Comes with fans and dual power supplies


This versatile unit will certainly help many organizations augment existing system configurations while also supporting future growth possibilities.


The 9148 switch is also ideal for departmental SANs (storage area networks). San storage can be better accommodated by the responsive nature of this particular element. This allows for more tailored system support within your organization’s informational infrastructure. These and similar elements are poised to play a major role in the next major software-led storage developments to enter the industry.


A Competitively Priced Network Element


The Cisco brand is known for producing high end, high capacity computer network equipment. Innovative engineering, long lasting durability, and ease of use characterize this brand’s product lines. Until now, these network solutions were only available with a considerable price tag. The 9148 switch is Cisco’s entry into the market with a competitively priced element aimed at midsize organizations. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in your company’s network.


Selecting a New Switch


Computer Connection makes it easy for customers to select exactly the right technology at a great price. Our great selection of refurbished switches and other network elements lets your company develop more targeted solutions.

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