Easily Make a Cisco Switch Use Third Party SFPs

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Easily Make a Cisco Switch Use Third Party SFPs


Cisco is known for producing some of the most dependable, and most expensive, server and network equipment on the market today. Though in many ways this brand has set the gold standard, the high price tag attached to these products put them well out of reach of many organizations. Creating a network using elements manufactured by a variety of companies is fairly typical. Cisco switches are likely to reject


small-form pluggable transceivers (SFPs) manufactured by a third party. However, by using a couple simple techniques network technicians can resolve this conflict and preserve normal system function.


Two Console Commands to Use


There are two important console commands that can be used to force the acceptance of 3rd party SFP’s. If you have received an error message regarding a GBIC security error, enter:


  • #service unsupported-transceiver
  • # no errdisable detect cause gbic-invalid


These two command lines will allow the switch to accept any SFP from a third party vendor without triggering the error message. Your system will then more normally.

Generic SFP

Selecting Your Vendor


Any SFPs manufactured by a trustworthy vendor will certainly meet your needs. However, Cisco will not support any hardware produced by a third party and, should third party hardware damage your switch, that damage is considered out of warranty. You should also be aware that if a third party transceiver cause any problems with the switch’s function, Cisco’s technical support will not provide assistance until the hardware has been replaced with a transceiver they have manufacturered.


All that said, SFPs are fairly simple pieces of computer technology and are unlikely to cause any sort of trouble. Transceivers from a trusted vendor will deliver all the advantages of high end hardware without the high price tag.


All Your Network Hardware Needs


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