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types of Nortel switch equipment


Part Number


Nortel DS1304001 PassPort 8672 2 Slot MDA ATM Baseboard
Nortel DS1304004 PassPort 8600 1 Port OC12C MMF MDA for 8672 ATM Baseboard
Nortel DS1402001 Nortel 8010 Passport Switch 10 Slot Chassis
Nortel DS1402002 PassPort 8006 6 Slot Chassis
Nortel DS1402003 PassPort 8003 3 Slot Chassis
Nortel DS1402004 PassPort 8010CO Chassis
Nortel DS1402007 PassPort 8310 10 Slot POE Chassis
Nortel DS1404001 PassPort 8690SF Enterprise Switching Module
Nortel DS1404002 PassPort 8648TX 48 Port 10/100 Module
Nortel DS1404005 PassPort 8624FX 24 Port 100BASE-FX L3
Nortel DS1404011 PassPort 8616SXE 16 Port 1000Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet
Nortel DS1404012 8608GT PASSPORT
Nortel DS1404015 PassPort 8608GB 8 Port 1000Base GBIC
Nortel DS1404024 PassPort 8632TXE 32 Port 10/100 2 GBIC Switching Module
Nortel DS1404025 PassPort 8691SF Routing Switch Module CPU/SFM w/16MB Flash
Nortel DS1404035 PassPort 8648 TXE 48 Port 10/100 Edge Switch Module
Nortel DS1404036 PassPort 8608SXE 8 Port 1000Base-SX Gig Ethernet Switch Module
Nortel DS1404038 PassPort 8608GBE 8 Port 1000Base-X GBIC Module
Nortel DS1404044 PassPort 8608GTE 8 Port 1000Base-T Routing Switch Module
Nortel DS1404045 Web Switching Module 4 Port Ethernet Routing Switch
Nortel DS1404056 PassPort 8648TXM 48 Port 10/100 Routing Switch Module
Nortel DS1404060 PassPort 8683POSM 3 Port Packet Over Sonet Module
Nortel DS1404063-E5 8630 30 PORT GBIC Module
Nortel DS1404065 PassPort 8692SF 256GBPS Routing Switch Fabric Module
Nortel DS1404066 Passport 8692SF Switch Fabric
Nortel DS1404076 PassPort 8393SF Switch Fabric Module w/ 8 Port SFP
Nortel DS1404077 PassPort 8348TX 48 Port 10/100 Routing Switch Module
Nortel DS1404078 PassPort 8348TX-PWR 48 Port 10/100 Inline Power Module
Nortel DS1404090 PassPort 8691SF Routing Switch Module 256MB
Nortel DS1404092 PassPort 8648GTR 48 Port 10/100/1000 L3
Nortel DS1404101 8683XLR 3 Port Ethernet Routing Switch
Nortel DS1404101-E5 8683XLR 3PT 10G XFP RSM ROHS
Nortel DS1405007 PassPort 8004DC 850W Power Supply
Nortel DS1405012-E5 Nortel 8005AC AC Power supply
Nortel DS1405E01 PassPort 8001PS 100-240 VAC Power Supply
Nortel DS1405E03 PassPort 8003 AC Power Supply
Nortel DS1405E08 PassPort 8004AC 850 Watt 100-240V Power Supply
Nortel DS1405E14 PassPort 8301 AC Power Supply
Nortel DS1411014 16 MB PCMCIA FLASH CARD FOR 8690SF
Nortel DS1411021 Passport 869x 64MB PCCARD Flash Card
Nortel DS1412026 8610 Eth Routing Switch Core Switch Bun
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