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types of Extreme optics equipment


Part Number


Extreme 10013 EXTREME LX-GBIC
Extreme 10051 SX MINI GBIC MOD GETH 1PT 1000BSX
Extreme 10052 1000BASE-LXC SFP, LC Connector
Extreme 10053 1000BASE-ZX SFP, Extra Long Distance SMF
Extreme 10056 1000BASE-BX-D SFP SMF(1310-nm TX/1490-nm
Extreme 10057 1000BASE-BX-U SFP, SMF (1310-nm TX/1490-
Extreme 10058 100M SFP, 100BASE-BX-D, SMF (1550-nm TX/
Extreme 10059 100M SFP, 100BASE-BX-U, SMF (1310-nm TX/
Extreme 10060 100FX/1000LX SFP, SMF, LC Connector
Extreme 10063 100FX SFP, MMF, LC Connector
Extreme 10064 1000BASE-LX100 SFP, Extra Long Distance
Extreme 10065 10/100/1000BASE-T, SFP, CAT 5 cable 100m
Extreme 10066 100M SFP, 100LX10 SMF, Support for 100M
Extreme 10067 100M SFP, 100FX MMF, Support for 100M SF
Extreme 10111 10GBASE-LR XENPAK Transceiver, 1310 nm,
Extreme 10112 10GBASE-ER XENPAK Transceiver, 1550 nm,
Extreme 10113 10GBASE-ZR XENPAK Transceiver, 1550 nm,
Extreme 10114 10GBASE-ER XENPAK Transceiver, 1550 nm,
Extreme 10116E 10GBASE-LW (WAN PHY) XENPAK Transceiver
Extreme 10121 10GBASE-SR XFP Transceiver, 850nm, up to
Extreme 10122 10GBASE-LR XFP Transceiver, 1310nm
Extreme 10124 10GBASE-ER XFP Transceiver, 1550nm
Extreme 10125 10GBASE-ZR XFP Transceiver, 1550nm
Extreme 10200 10 Gigabit Ethernet XFP Tunable DWDM mod
Extreme 10301 10GBASE-SR SFP+, 850nm, LC Connector
Extreme 10302 10GBASE-LR SFP+, 1310nm, LC Connector
Extreme 10303 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ module, 1310nm
Extreme 10304 10GBASE-CR SFP+ pre-terminated twin-ax c
Extreme 10305 10GBASE-CR SFP+ pre-terminated twin-ax c
Extreme 10306 10GBASE-CR SFP+ pre-terminated twin-ax c
Extreme 10307 10GBASE-CR SFP+ pre-terminated twin-ax c
Extreme 10309 10GBASE-ER SFP+, 1550nm, LC connector
Extreme 10311 QSFP+ passive copper cable, 0.5M
Extreme 10312 QSFP+ passive copper cable, 1.0M
Extreme 10313 QSFP+ passive copper cable, 3.0M
Extreme 10315 QSFP+ active fiber cable, 10M
Extreme 10316 20m QSFP+ Active Optical Cable
Extreme 10318 QSFP+ active fiber cable, 100M
Extreme 10319 QSFP+ SR4 module 40 Gigabit Ethernet QSF
Extreme 10321 QSFP+ - 4xSFP+ fan-out cbl, 3m
Extreme 10322 QSFP+ - 4xSFP+ fan-out cbl, 5m
Extreme 10323 QSFP+ passive copper cable, 5.0M
Extreme 41632 BlackDiamond Model 8900-10G24X-c
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