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types of Cisco router equipment


Part Number


Cisco C881-K9 Cisco 881 Ethernet Security Router
Cisco CISCO801 800 Series ISDN Router
Cisco CISCO802 800 Series ISDN Router w/ NT-1
Cisco CISCO802-IDSL 800 Series IDSL Router with Internet DSL
Cisco CISCO803 800 Series ISDN Router w/ 2 POTS and 4Port Hub
Cisco CISCO804 800 Series ISDN U Router 2 POTS and 4 Port Hub
Cisco CISCO804-IDSL 800 Series IDSL Router w/ Internet DSL
Cisco CISCO805 800 Series Ethernet / Serial Router
Cisco CISCO806 800 Series Broadband Gateway Router w/ 4 Port Hub
Cisco CISCO813 800 Series ISDN/Ethernet Router w/ Integrated 4 Port Hub / Japan DSU
Cisco CISCO827 800 Series ADSL Router 1 Ethernet 1ADSL
Cisco CISCO827H 800 Series ADSL Router w/ 4 Port Switch
Cisco CISCO828 800 Series G.SHDSL Router 1 Ethernet 1G.SHDSL
Cisco CISCO831-K9 800 Series Ethernet Router
Cisco CISCO831-K9-64 CISCO831 Router w/ 64MB Dram Installed
Cisco CISCO831-SDM-K9-64 831 Ethernet Broadband Router w/64MB
Cisco CISCO837-K9 800 Series ADSL Router
Cisco CISCO837-K9-64 800 Series ADSL Router w/ 64MB Dram
Cisco CISCO837-SDM-K9 Cisco 837 ADSL Router with SDM
Cisco CISCO851-K9 Cisco 851 Secure Ethernet Router
Cisco CISCO851W-G-A-K9 Integrated Services Ethernet to Ethernet Wireless Router
Cisco CISCO857-K9 Cisco 857 ADSL Router
Cisco CISCO857W-G-A-K9 Cisco 857 ADSL SOHO Router with 802.11G
Cisco CISCO871-K9 800 Series Dual Ethernet Security Router
Cisco CISCO871-SEC-K9 800 Series Dual Ethernet Security Router Bundle w/ Advanced IP Services
Cisco CISCO871W-G-A-K9 800 Series Wireless Ethernet Router
Cisco CISCO876-K9 800 Series Integrated Services Router
Cisco CISCO877-K9 Cisco 877 ADSL Security Router
Cisco CISCO877-SEC-K9 Cisco 877 Security Bundle w/ Adv IP Serv
Cisco CISCO877W-G-E-K9 800 Series Integrated Services Wireless Router
Cisco CISCO881-K9 Cisco 881 Ethernet Security Router
Cisco CISCO881-SEC-K9 881 Ethernet Security Router w/ AdV IP
Cisco CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Cisco 881 Ethernet Secure Router-802.11N
Cisco CISCO887-K9 Cisco 887 ADSL2/2+ Annex A Router
Cisco CISCO887VA-SEC-K9 Secure router w/VDSL2/ADSL2+ over POTS
Cisco CISCO891-K9 891 Gigabit Ethernet security router
Cisco CISCO891W-AGN-A-K9 891W Gig Eth security router w/802.11n
Cisco CISCO892-K9 Cisco 892 Gigabit Ethernet security rout
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