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"We want you to know how much we appreciate your conscientious efforts and quick response time. Computer Connection always comes through with great product and great service." -- CTO, Large Service Provider

success stories
At Computer Connection Corporation, meeting your expectations is just the starting point. Our goal is to go ABOVE & BEYOND by providing technical expertise, expediting urgent requests, and coming up with unique solutions to overcome your network challenges. Here are a few examples of how we provide this stellar service.

A local school districts network had failed but they were unsure of the problem. They called us, and our technicians helped diagnose the problem, it was the SUP Engine. Creatively, we arranged to both drive halfway towards each other handing off the product at McDonalds! Their network was up and running shortly thereafter. The ice cream was our treat!

As manufacturers deem their products EOL (End of Life) and no longer offer support, you can count on us to deliver those products to you! A fortune 500 corporation had a switch go down. That switch was no longer being made, they called us and we shipped Fedex P1. Consider us as your spares back-up.

A college in Ohio had already used up their IT budget for the year. An IT staff member had passed by our booth at a tradeshow and noticed on our literature that we BUY equipment. The college ended up trading in some excess equipment they had sitting in a storage closet for credit towards their next purchase, instead of going into the college general fund. We can do the same for you!

A customer in Florida calls us in Minnesota and needs a piece of Equipment in Florida today Not a problem for us! We arranged for a courier to pick it up and bring it to the airport for the next flight out. We saved the customer from having to wait until the next day.

customer testimonial
"We want you to know how much we appreciate your conscientious efforts and quick response time. The vendors we deal with who deliver good product, on time, as expected will probably never realize how demanding we can be and if we ever get the hint of a run-around or smoke screen or any nonsense we just drop them and buy elsewhere. We have never gotten this from anyone at Computer Connection. It is our reputation at stake when I order something and I need to ensure that the vendors like Computer Connection will be just as reliable as we design our solutions to be. If they can't listen to me right off the bat and give me what I need right away, then they can't be trusted to deliver when I Really need it. Thank you for all of your efforts and listening to our needs."

-- Service Provider, Southern USA
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